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  • (Earth Focus: Episode 66) Oceans support life, yet they are overfished, polluted, and, with global climate change, are becoming increasingly acidic.

    The XPrize Ocean Initiative seeks to solve some of these critical threats by bringing in teams from around the world for high-profile competitions to find the best new technologies and stimulate investment in research and development....

  • Rivers, oceans and rain forests — charting the impact of humans on this planet’s water cycle, in a big-data overview from Globaia. Then Conservation International asks “What would Nature say?” with Harrison Ford as The Ocean, and Kevin Spacey as The Rainforest. Finally, Rainforest Alliance wants you to know what NOT to do, in “Follow the Frog."

    To learn more, visit...

  • Did you know you can find completely different lifeforms only 200 miles apart across the ocean?
  • With Focus on Europe, DW has developed a new program that adds a more personal touch to the issues affecting people across the continent. The weekly magazine which replaced European Journal in October 2014 provides audiences an inside perspective on the diversity of people, places, conflicts and coexistence that define Europe. Focus on Europe presents genuine stories about the lives of real...

  • City Walk visits Ocean View Farms in west L.A.
  • <p>Renowned oceanographer, explorer, and author Dr. Sylvia Earle, shares her insights with Earth Focus correspondent Miles Benson.</p>
  • The soothing video for "Love Fields" consists of a camera floating on the ocean.
  • The soothing video for "Love Fields" consists of a camera floating on the ocean.
  • Meet four Central Coast artists who draw their inspiration from the ocean.