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  • Starring Nick Frost of "Shaun of the Dead" and created by Emmy-winning writer-director Robert B. Weide of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Mr. Sloane" is a bittersweet comedy drama about a buttoned-down man in crisis.

    It's December 1969 and Jeremy Sloane is at the end of his rope -- literally. He's been sacked from his accounting job and his wife Janet has left him to "find herself."...

  • The animated video for "Dead Fox" features a cigarette-smoking fox who has trouble avoiding obstacles on the road.
  • Who has not heard of the famous Dead Sea? It boasts the world's saltiest water, a unique geographical form, and historically significant sites such as Masada, where Jesus is said to have been baptized. Tourists bathe in its water for its medicinal qualities.

    But, the Dead Sea is dying. The Jordan River, the sole supplier of fresh water to the sea, has been diverted towards agriculture...

  • This movie explores the Dead Sea's special relationship with the world; how it affects agriculture, health, industry, and even future peace in the Middle East. At the same time, the film examines how the sea reached its current endangered state and the proposed solutions to ensure its future. It looks at the geopolitical solution known as the Red Sea - Dead Sea Canal, proposed by the...

  • ... CDCR spokeswoman Kristina Khokhobashvili, "and arts programs are proven to be rehabilitative. When inmates have the chance to ... collaboration and other skills that these arts programs help them develop come in handy anywhere." Two studies by ... rehabilitative value and other benefits that the AIC and programs like it provide to participating inmates. His more recent paper on ...
  • An expert on Day of the Dead history, Consuelo Flores builds altars to the deceased every year. But she contends that the tradition is about life, not death.
  • "Play Dead," written by Todd Robbins, who has ingested some 5,000 light bulbs over the course of his career, and Ilusionist Teller, currently runs at the Geffen Playhouse.
  • Explosions in the departure hall of Brussels airport and at one of the city's metro stations during rush hour have left more than two dozen people dead and scores injured. "Islamic State" extremists have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

    Find LIVE updates HERE.

  • Athens, Greece, 1983 -- media outlets around the world reported on the assassination of a top PLO lieutenant and his four-year-old son Bashir. But what would happen if the boy came back to life today? This is My Picture When I Was Dead looks at this crucial moment in history and shows how death isn't necessarily the end of one's journey.