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  • NHK's flagship current affairs documentary program.
  • This Artbound special episode, in partnership with MOCAtv, features The Museum of Contemporary Art's current programming, including an Elaine Sturtevant retrospective and exhibition "William Pope.L's Trinket." The episode also features Martine Syms, Jeffrey Vallance, Jasmin Shokrian, and music videos by Devin Kenny and Teengirl Fantasy.
  • Link TV presents a New Year's Day marathon of its original, award-winning arts and culture program. This special three-hour presentation explores a myriad of projects, including: the “grocery gap” in food deserts, pop surrealism, art installations at LAX, sound installations at the Watts Towers and the Sagrada Família church in Barcelona, the photography archives at the Downtown L.A. Library,...
  • This hour-long special is part of KCET's multiple award-winning series, SoCal Connected. It is an in-depth, participatory discussion between California's Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune CEO and Publisher Austin Beutner on critical water conservation issues that will include questions submitted by L. A. Times readers. The program features a special...
  • Hard-hitting documentary that takes an in-depth look at some of the political, economic, and social challenges that Japan - and our world - is facing.
  • Laura Flanders Iinvestigates features Baltimore: The Issues Behind The Uprising, and a look at the road to recovery both economically and socially for New Orleans ten years after Katrina. This special features an exclusive interview with Laura Flanders.

  • For half a century, Special Olympics has worked to develop communities and change attitudes surrounding people with intellectual disabilities. Now it is the world’s largest sports organization as well as the largest healthcare supplier for people with intellectual disabilities. The 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games kicked off in Los Angeles on July 25th and featured competitions in...
  • (explore: Special Episode 12 - Nature Collection) Take a journey around the world with Charlie and the Explore team on their quest to capture the essence of mother nature. Hike through Rwanda's rainforests to explore the lives of wild mountain gorillas; sail through the Bahamas and witness dolphins at play; and watch endangered pandas melt hearts at the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve in China