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  • Hard-hitting documentary that takes an in-depth look at some of the political, economic, and social challenges that Japan - and our world - is facing.
  • Border Blaster is a new KCET original world music video series. The 30-minute episodes are comprised solely of music videos from groundbreaking musicians from around the world.

  • NHK's flagship current affairs documentary program.
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    Two new reports from "Earth Focus" address global concerns. “Fukushima: Can it Happen in the U.S.?” probes safety issues at nuclear power generating plants. “Cold Rush" looks at the opening of the Arctic region, as climate change melts the northern ice, leading to a new Russian-American...

  • Laura Flanders Iinvestigates features Baltimore: The Issues Behind The Uprising, and a look at the road to recovery both economically and socially for New Orleans ten years after Katrina. This special features an exclusive interview with Laura Flanders.

  • For half a century, Special Olympics has worked to develop communities and change attitudes surrounding people with intellectual disabilities. Now it is the world’s largest sports organization as well as the largest healthcare supplier for people with intellectual disabilities. The 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games kicked off in Los Angeles on July 25th and featured competitions in...
  • This Artbound special episode, in partnership with MOCAtv, features The Museum of Contemporary Art's current programming, including an Elaine Sturtevant retrospective and exhibition "William Pope.L's Trinket." The episode also features Martine Syms, Jeffrey Vallance, Jasmin Shokrian, and music videos by Devin Kenny and Teengirl Fantasy.