american rivers

North America – a continent of daring and drastic extremes, of conquerors and visionaries, of untamed wilderness and feats of human engineering – and its rivers are a fascinating example. The U.S. has the largest dams, the deepest locks, the longest canals and aqueducts in the world. Rivers have been modified and manipulated, forced into man-made paths, controlled by computers; even their flow has been reversed. World famous cities owe their names to these rivers: Miami, Detroit and Los Angeles - yet today they are hardly remembered.

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Chicago River – A River In Reverse Gear

The flow of the picturesque Chicago River was reversed to move polluted waters out of sight. 

Los Angeles River – From Mountain Wilderness to Cement Corset

The spirited Los Angeles River gushes from the mountains only to be forced into a concrete corset in downtown LA. 

Colorado River – The Strangled Giant

The untamed wilderness of the Colorado River is squeezed to a trickle with the push of one button.

Miami River - Crocodiles and Cruise Ships

The multi-cultural Miami River originates where Native Americans still value its resources, and ends where the super-wealthy park their yachts.