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Brazil - Black Pride (Stephen Gibbs) - Brazil is sometimes portrayed as one of the world's harmonious, multi-ethnic "rainbow nations." But the truth is more complicated. For generations, white Brazilians have enjoyed preferential treatment over their black counterparts. It's been especially noticeable in higher education. Most publicly-funded universities are filled by white students, even though half of all Brazilians are of African descent. To reverse that trend, the government has adopted a quota policy. They are obliged to fill 50-percent of their spots with students of black or indigenous ancestry. However, critics say this only aggravates racism. As Correspondent Stephen Gibbs reports some are questioning whether it's possible to define who is black in mixed-race Brazil. Guatemala - Indigenous Justice (Harris Whitbeck) - Indigenous populations in Guatemala have used their own justice system for hundreds of years. It's a system centered on the wisdom of their ancestors. And for many it's a more efficient and effective way to resolve problems. However, some punishments include public lashings so it's not without controversy. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck traveled to the town of Santa Cruz to show us how indigenous authorities govern their communities. Mexico - Guardian Falcons - You may recall the story of pilot "Sully" Sullenberger. Back in 2009 he successfully landed his passenger airplane on the Hudson River in New York City saving the lives of 150 passengers and crew. Well, the cause of that crash landing was a bird strike which disabled the plane's engines. At Mexico City's International Airport, they've trained falcons to keep other birds away from the planes. These "birds of prey" are on patrol along with their doggy companions, keeping birds away at the main airport. This is our end/musical piece this week.

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