Argentinian Beef

Argentina - Beef Up

Argentina - Beef up (Joel Richards)

Argentina is famed worldwide for the quality of its beef. Argentineans eat an average of over 50 kilos of meat every year, making it one of the most carnivorous countries in the world. The beef industry is what pushed the country's economy forward over a century ago and it's still a key component of its agricultural exports. China is now the number one buyer of Argentine beef, overtaking the European market. But, as "Americas Now" correspondent Joel Richards discovered the beef and ranching industry is at a crossroads for a whole range of reasons.

Mexico - Endangered Cactus (Franc Contreras)

When we think of global threats of extinction, exotic animals usually come to mind. But many rare plants also are at risk of disappearing forever. And that is a major concern -as plants are the foundation of all food chains. Few scientific studies have ever examined plant species facing extinction, until now. Biologists from across the Americas have produced the first full assessment of cacti species. It found nearly one-third of these desert plants face extinction. CCTV's Franc Contreras takes us to a special botanical garden in Mexico, dedicated to conserving rare and threatened cactus species.


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Dengue Vaccine & No Smoking In Panama

Mexico - Dengue Vaccine (Gerry Hadden) Dengue sickens some 390 million people each year, according to the World Health Organization. The tropical disease is spread by mosquitoes and can cause high fever, the chills, vomiting - and in severe cases- hemorrhaging and death. There is no cure. But now there is a vaccine. It's being rolled out in a handful of countries, including Mexico. Americas Now correspondent Gerry Hadden reports from Morelos State in Mexico. Panama - No Smoking (Harris Whitbeck) - The use of tobacco products is still prevalent in Latin America.

The Garifuna of Honduras

Honduras - Garifuna

They're people with a unique culture who live mostly in coastal Central America. The Garifuna are the descendants of runaway African slaves and local indigenous groups with their own language, religion and lands. But the Garifuna in Honduras say their land is under siege. Several of their leaders have been killed as they fight to defend it. But they say it's hard to find justice in a country with impunity and corruption. Correspondent Gerry Hadden brought this story.

Musical - Uruguay green school

Deporting Mexican Veterans & Ecuador's Shrinking Glaciers

Mexico - Deporting Mexican Veterans

Many Mexican immigrants joined the U.S. military and fought in wars on behalf of the country. But they were soldiers, not citizens because they were never officially naturalized. And they later found out they had no legal protection against being deported if they committed a crime. Their supporters say the real crime is how the U.S. government could deport them in the first place after risking their lives to protect and defend the country. Mike Kirsch reports.

Ecuador - Last Ice Merchant "Chimborazo"

Argentina's Triple Border

Argentina - Triple Border

Haitians In Limbo & Enrique Chiu

Costa Rica - Haitians in Limbo

At the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, thousands of Haitians have been arriving, dead tired, but full of hope. They have come from Brazil, a place they fled two years ago in search of a better future. But the crisis in Brazil has them fleeing once again. After trekking more than 5,000 kilometers, their journey has come to an abrupt halt. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports about this refugee camp in Costa Rica.

Game Changer - Enrique Chiu