Fleeing Guatemala & Gina Badenoch

Guatemala - Fleeing Guatemala

They are young Central American migrants who leave their homes without parental permission, to make a perilous trek to the United States. Most are trying to escape poverty and search for better economic opportunities. Amnesty International has called the journey one of the world's most dangerous. And many of these minors don't even reach their final destination. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck speaks to migrants from Guatemala who were caught by authorities in Mexico and returned home.

Game Changer Mexico - Gina Badenoch (video above)

You could call this week's Game Changer on "Americas Now" a real "visionary." She's a Mexican photographer on a mission to educate some unlikely pupils devoting her time to teaching photography to the visually-impaired. It may sound impossible but by showing them how to concentrate on their surroundings and focus on other senses, she has enabled them to overcome their disability and capture some amazing images. For this week's Game Changer we introduce you to the founder of "Sight of Emotion"...Gina Badenoch.

Urban Voice - Flamenco Saxophone

Jorge Pardo is a musician from Spain who is famous for playing the saxophone. But his compositions don't just feature the saxophone, they include several other instruments that he performs on as well. Pardo believes the sound of each instrument delivers a different message. And when those different sounds are combined, they create a new language. It's one of the reasons why Pardo is also considered a pioneer of the innovative musical form called "flamenco-jazz fusion." For this week's Urban Voice we give you Jorge Pardo.

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Haiti - Earthquake Orphans

Haiti - Earthquake Orphans (Stephen Gibbs) - In 2010, a massive earthquake struck the impoverished Caribbean country of Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and more than a million others became homeless. A massive aid operation began, with billions of dollars in assistance being pledged from all over the world. Haiti still bears many of the scars of that deadly disaster. CCTV's Stephen Gibbs returned to the capital Port-au-Prince. He tells the story of two survivors of the quake years later.

Peru - Uncontacted

Peru - Uncontacted (Dan Collyns) - Living deep within the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil and Peru, are dozens of so-called "un-contacted" tribes. These indigenous and historic communities have had little to almost no contact with the outside world. The Mashco Piro people are believed to have fled into the recesses of the jungle during the Amazon Rubber "Boom" in the late 1800s. This was a time of enslavement and death for many tribes. The Mashco Piro had rejected all contact with outsiders until recently.

Nicaragua - Poisonous Spray

Nicaragua - Poisonous Spray (Grace Gonzalez) 

Americas Now

Chile - Saving a Language. A 25-year-old Chilean musician is trying to keep the culture of a tribe alive by saving its language. His name is Keyuk and his mission is to use the ancient words to unite descendants. Linguists estimate there are some 7,000 different languages still spoken in the world today. But a recent study indicates half of those languages could disappear by the end of the century. Portugal - Cavaquinho. It may look like a ukulele, but this stringed instrument is called a cavaquinho.

Mexico - Single Mothers

Mexico - Single Mothers (Gerry Hadden)