Mexican Raperas & Latina Scientist

Mexico - Raperas

Murders of women have become so commonplace in Mexico in recent years, the term "femicide" is now firmly embedded in the country's vocabulary. And in most cases families claim authorities don't properly investigate. But women fighting for justice, security and equal rights in Mexico have a new and vocal ally in their cause: female rappers. The budding movement isn't drawing huge crowds but its message is resonating, especially among the younger generation. Correspondent Gerry Hadden reports on the Raperas of Mexico City.

Latina Scientist - Gabriela Gonzalez

Imagine taking a prediction made a hundred years ago by one of the greatest minds of the 20th century and finding the evidence to prove it to be true today. That's what an Argentine-born female physicist did as part of a team of scientists in Louisiana. They discovered the existence of "gravitational waves", one of the concepts Albert Einstein's talk about in his one hundred year old theory of relativity. Since, the team has being showered with worldwide acclaim. There is also near certainty a Nobel Prize is in the future. Our John Zarrella spent time with Gabriela Gonzalez who insists there is more to come.

Game Changer - Mariana Costa

Our Game Changer this week is a social entrepreneur from Peru who found herself in the right place at the right time and saw the chance to use her skills to make a difference. While working at a software development company, she realized she was one of only two female employees on staff. So she started a program to teach other women about digital software and help employ them too. For this week's Game Changer we introduce you to the founder of Laboratoria, Mariana Costa.

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Americas Now

Guatemala - Unearthing Answers - Guatemala is one of the Central American countries that suffered the most during the Cold War - a time of post-World War Two tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States. In particular a civil conflict in Guatemala from 1960 to 1996 that left hundreds of thousands dead -- and tens of thousands missing. More than two decades after the end of the conflict, forensic anthropologists are helping families who have been searching for their disappeared loved ones. Harris Whitbeck explains from Guatemala City.

Americas Now

Brazil - Black Pride (Stephen Gibbs) - Brazil is sometimes portrayed as one of the world's harmonious, multi-ethnic "rainbow nations." But the truth is more complicated. For generations, white Brazilians have enjoyed preferential treatment over their black counterparts. It's been especially noticeable in higher education. Most publicly-funded universities are filled by white students, even though half of all Brazilians are of African descent. To reverse that trend, the government has adopted a quota policy.

Americas Now

Argentina - White Gold (Joel Richards) - The stunningly beautiful salt flats that span the north of Argentina and Chile as well as the south of Bolivia form what's known as the Lithium Triangle. More than half of the world's reserves of lithium are found there. The metal is a vital component in batteries and with the electric car market growing at a rapid rate, demand for lithium is expected to triple by 2025. But there are environmental concerns. Especially the effect extraction could have on local indigenous communities.

Americas Now

Mexico - Housing Nightmare (Mike Kirsch) - Back in 2001 some in Mexico called it a "miracle." Millions of low wage, factory workers were promised new, affordable homes under an ambitious residential construction boom. It was set in motion by then-President Vicente Fox and the World Bank. Today that "miracle" is being described as a social and financial catastrophe. According to a recent in-depth investigation by the Los Angeles Times citizens in these developments have been dealing with daily hardships and hazards across Mexico.

Americas Now

Costa Rica - Plastic Ban (Harris Whitbeck) - The Central American nation of Costa Rica has long been at the forefront of progressive environmental policies. But it's lagged behind in one crucial area, the safe disposal of solid waste. But that could all change with their goal to end "single use" plastics by the year 2020 along with a new motto, "Say no to plastic". Our correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports from San Jose, Costa Rica. Brazil - Samba Empire (Lucrecia Franco) - Some call it the greatest show south of the equator: the Samba parade in Rio.