Artbound Season 3 Episode 5

Artbound explores the arts and culture of Southern California through articles, essays, and thinkpieces by more than 80 contributors in 11 counties. These correspondents cover cultural happenings in the communities where they live, providing an inside look at art across the region. Then the Artbound audience votes online for an article to be made into a short online video. Those videos are then assembled into a broadcast television show.

Culled from Artbound articles selected by our audience, the documentary segments include:


Invisible Cities


Artbound provides an exclusive look at the avant-garde opera, "Invisible Cities." Produced by The Industry, L.A.'s experimental opera company, in partnership with the L.A. Dance Project, "Invisible Cities" depicts the meeting between emperor Kublai Khan at the end of his life with the explorer Marco Polo, as told in Italo Calvino's fantastical book. An innovative production staged in the iconic Union Station, the opera utilizes wireless technology provided by Sennheiser, offering audience members headphones to hear the opera amid the normal "hustle and bustle" of the train station's everyday life. "Invisible Cities" is composed and adapted by Christopher Cerrone, directed by The Industry's founder and artistic director Yuval Sharon, with choreography by Danielle Agami.



Scarred for Life


Ted Meyer's "Scarred for Life" art project has helped individuals accept and even embrace their scars. His process involves taking mono-prints directly off the skin of models who have been scarred by an illness or injury.



At the Oasis


Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre's mobile "Duck Truck" brings site-specific performances to various locations in Los Angeles.



The Puppeteer


Jeff Speetjens is a puppeteer living in Santa Monica, CA. At Bootsy Bellows, a nightclub on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, Jeff performs with a variety of marionettes from the stage to the dance floor. Jeff has directed a variety of film and stage productions. His short films have been featured in festivals such as the Cannes and Ion film festivals.



Beauty Shop Culture


Photographer, Candacy Taylor followed her interest in the social dynamics of traditional female work roles to Twentynine Palms and never looked back. Salons and diners are her subjects of choice.



The Aural World of Alison O' Daniel


Artist Alison O'Daniel has a manifesto. "Sound is primary; but other materials and sculptures play out cinematically in a three-act structure of emotional landscapes -- a jarringly non-linear experience of simultaneous time that rises through the body." Using a collaborative, cross-platform process, she makes her strange, fascinating, and lyrical work in interdependent video, sculpture, and sound.



Run River North

Run River North

This episode will feature the indie-rock music of San Fernando Valley-based band Run River North.


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