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The first episode of this series of "Assignment Asia" profiles people who if nothing else display courage in their everyday life/tells stories about courage, from the gleaming skyscrapers of Shanghai to the farmlands of the Lao countryside. First we go to the gleaming skyscrapers of Shanghai to discover a people whose lives are less than "gleaming." For Shanghai depends for its growth on the cheap labor of migrant workers. Reporter Han Bin takes high above the city to meet the workers who endure lives away from their loved ones to earn a living away from the poverty in their hometowns. These brave workers clean the windows of the city's high-rises toiling despite the risks to provide a better life for their children. Next - we go to Laos. More than four decades after the Vietnam War, Laos continues to suffer from the deadly legacy of a United States bombing campaign.. Some 80 million unexploded ordnance or UXOs are still posing a threat to life and limb, maiming dozens of people every year. Reporter Rian Malzer travels to "the Plain of Jars", where survivors of UXO explosions are struggling to get on with their lives, as people work to clear bombs and make their country a safer place.

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