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Without a state-run emergency service in their country, volunteers have taken on the task of responding to accidents and other emergencies in the Thai capital, Bangkok. They patrol the streets of the bustling city every night, rushing anywhere anyone needs rescue. Reporter Martin Lowe spent one busy but ultimately tragic night with Bangkok's volunteer rescuers.

Among the casualties of war in Afghanistan is its healthcare system. But one hospital run by an Italian organization has managed to rise above the strife, providing treatment and care for victims of conflict. Reporter Natalie Carney visits the Emergency Hospital in Kabul, where lives are being saved and miracles sometimes happen.

Decades after the Vietnam War, bombs dropped into the Mekong River continue to pose dangers to the people of Cambodia. The Cambodian government, with the help of a nongovernmental organization, has formed an underwater demining team tasked with ridding the river of unexploded ordnance or UXOs. As reporter Michal Bardavid tells us from Phnom Penh, the job involves big risks.

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On The Move

In the first episode of Assignment Asia, the program features human stories of people forced to move. Refugees in Thailand and refugees moving east from Syria. Anchor Tony Cheng (former BBC and Al Jazeera television) tells the story of the Rohingya refugees and a group in Thailand trying to stop the exploitation of these people by human traffickers. Then - the program travels to the other end of Asia - to Turkey to profile a teenager helping Syrian refugee children work through the psychological damage of war.

Thailand's Missing Children

This week in a single topic episode, reporter Dusita Saokaew in Pattaya, Thailand tells the story of a mother's desperate search for her daughter. "Gigi" a 9 year old girl selling flowers on a street corner becomes a victim of a kidnapping. The case exposes the dark world of gangs and pedophilia in Thailand.


Chinese anchor Wang Mangmang reports on efforts to preserve the relics of Asia's past. First she takes us through Beijing neighborhoods where the "hutong" residences dating to the 14th century are in danger of disappearing. Efforts to preserve the heritage are profiled. Then Assignment Asia goes to Pakistan where Danial Khan takes us on a tour of the decaying antiquities of Lahore and efforts to restore some 16th century glory.

Gun Violence in the Philippines

The Philippines has gained a reputation for gangs, guns, drugs, and violence. Reporter Barnaby Lo in Manila takes us on an in depth investigation of guns and the debate over gun control in the island nation.