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From the mountains of northern Pakistan to rodeo arenas in the central Philippines, this edition features festivals in Asia that are gaining popularity. With a history of terrorism and instability, Pakistan's northern region used to be an unlikely place for festivities. Today, however, an equestrian festival is attracting thousands of tourists ever year and exposing the region's natural beauty. Reporter Danial Khan traveled to Shandur, the so-called "roof of the world", to witness how polo is not only boosting tourism but also helping the region shed its troubled past. Rodeos have their roots in the West and Latin America, a competitive sport no would expect to see in Asia. But for more than two decades now, a province in the central Philippines with a growing cattle industry has been holding a yearly rodeo festival and made the tradition its own. Barnaby Lo visits Masbate and met the province's homegrown cowboys and cowgirls.

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