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Women Empowerment

Women in many parts of Asia remain vulnerable to abuse, but a few bright spots in the fight for empowerment and equality have emerged. In Pakistan, where thousands of women fall victims to violence every year, a law ensuring their protection was passed in early 2016. Reporter Danial Khan spoke with survivors of domestic violence who have risen above their ordeal and are now finding hope in the new law. Despite the reforms and changes sweeping the country, gender inequality persists in Myanmar, and women are particularly vulnerable to different forms of abuse. But as Reporter Michal Bardavid reports from Yangon, some groups are now fighting back, equipping women with the skills and knowledge they need to turn the tide for equality. China's Air Force has been training female pilots for six decades. But women flying one of the world's most lethal fighter jets are a fairly recent development - and they're making waves. Senior China Reporter Han Bin was given rare access to the four female fighter pilots of the Chinese Air Force, who are conquering the skies with their skill and determination.

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