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Bête Noire

State of Shock

Tragedy strikes at Beaufort College when a gunman opens fire, killing several students before taking his own life. The lives of the killer’s family fall apart as they try to understand what could have led their son to commit such a brutal attack. The students and parents are in shock as an investigation is launched.

*Streaming until 12/13/2021.

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A man standing outdoors.
Bête Noire

Letting Go

The investigators get their hands on a new and disturbing piece of evidence that sends shock waves through the investigation.
Episode 6
Two people stand at the other side of a one-way mirror in an interrogation room.
Bête Noire

Dead Ends

The noose is tightening as investigators follow the trail of Jérémy’s suspected accomplice.
Episode 5
A man holds up an evidence bag with a gun inside it.
Bête Noire

E2: Hard Truths

The search for clues continues and the interrogations led by Coroner Éliane Sirois and Sergeant Boisvert intensify.
Episode 2
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