Favela Organica

Sustainable Urban Farming

Maintaining a sustainable way of life through organic farming is possible — even in big cities. In this episode, a woman in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro shows us how to maximize every last bit of local produce, while urban dwellers and beekeepers in Paris are developing a culture of sharing in rooftop gardens.

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Heart of the City

The heart of many large cities lies in their historic neighborhoods but across the world, the cultural vitality of these neighborhoods is threatened by the forces of gentrification and aging infrastructure. Hear from the people of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles and the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam as they work to improve and preserve their communities.

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Life In Public Spaces

Two groups strive to reinvigorate public spaces amid blocky apartment structures and rigid urban development. An artist collective from Spain travels the globe to create murals that draw life back into dwindling public centers. In Medellin, Colombia, urban gardeners create green spaces that beautify the community and empower its citizens.

Alternative Communities

People are rethinking housing arrangements in growing cities across the globe. Many are ditching the confines of traditional apartments and opting for communal living. In Seoul, three families band together to build the home of their dreams and the urban support system they’ve never had. On a larger scale, participants in a housing cooperative in Lyon band together to share space and the responsibilities of homeownership in a Vertical Village.

Immigrant Support Systems

Big cities attract dreamers from all over the world. Meet the people building communities of inclusion for immigrants. In Toronto, advocates shine a light on the benefits of diversity and the contributions of refugees. In Stockholm, volunteers help immigrants regain a sense of dignity in a city where they can easily become invisible.

Caring for the Vulnerable

Many people enjoy the anonymity found in city living, but this anonymity also creates dangers for more vulnerable people like the homeless and elderly. In Malaysia, an organization feeds the needy, paying particular attention to those living on the streets. In Tokyo, a community for senior citizens helps them cope with issues they encounter in their newly independent lives.

Traditional Practices

Looking back to traditional practices can help us find modern solutions to various environmental and social issues of city life. In Peru, follow a Native leader nicknamed “The Engineer”, as he designs a bridge that brings together entire communities to work for a common cause. In Costa Rica, sound builders offer a bridge for city residents to cut through urban noise pollution and connect to memories of joy through natural and historic instruments.