Mulheres Guerreiras

Mulheres Guerreiras

A growing number of initiatives in Brazil share a mission to re-think the role of women in favelas and ensure their rights as citizens of Rio de Janeiro. Community activist Antonia Soares helped found the Favelas Museum to remind favela residents of the beauty that lives among them. The museum comprises the entire favela and includes "Mulheres Guerreiras," an exhibition showcasing local women and their great achievements.

In this film, Soares guides a theater group of young women through the museum. The theater group members use the arts to change the traditional narrative of the favela woman. In Soares' exhibit, they find new local heroes who represent not only their struggles, but also their dreams.

The two projects intersect to expose women from favelas to their history, help them redefine their roles in their communities, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. 


Courtesy of TAL (Television America Latina)

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