Big Cities: Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Gardens

As urban agriculture grows in Paris, the government is beginning to open more and more shared gardens across the city. The neighborhood associations managing the small plots bring the gardens to life by inviting local residents across all income levels to participate. In addition to gardening, the spaces serve as community sharing and relationship-building venues. These plots also tend to be environmentally conscious, as they encourage growing seasonal vegetables, using zero pesticides, and creating healthy environments for pollinators.

The segment also explores the benefits of bees and why they thrive in urban areas. This bee-friendly environment offers beekeepers the opportunity to install beehives in parks, rooftops, or terraces, contributing to the biodiversity of the city's gardens and green spaces.


Video produced by BYRON Productions and distributed by Quartier Latin Media in France.

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Traffic Alternatives

Urban planners and average citizens around the world are working to improve transportation in congested cities. In Bangkok, an architect fed up with his daily commute studies the combination of traditional boats and modern trains to beat traffic. In Bogota, a professor and his students develop a citywide electric car sharing system to ease congestion in dense urban areas.

Videos by Thai PBS in Thailand and TAL in Colombia. 

Heart of the City

The heart of many large cities lies in their historic neighborhoods but across the world, the cultural vitality of these neighborhoods is threatened by the forces of gentrification and aging infrastructure. Hear from the people of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles and the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam as they work to improve and preserve their communities.

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Living With Water

Great water demands require greater water solutions to keep big cities afloat.

Water activists combat climate change and illegal wetland development that is causing towns to flood in Argentina. Graciela Capodoglio founded the Natural Reserve of Pilar to preserve the floodplain ecosystem in the province of Buenos Aires.

In Mexico City, citizens formed an organization using innovative education models and technologies to address the city’s water shortage issues.

Videos produced by Construir TV in Argentina and SPR in Mexico.

Sustainable Urban Farming

Maintaining a sustainable way of life through organic farming is possible — even in big cities. In this episode, a woman in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro shows us how to maximize every last bit of local produce, while urban dwellers and beekeepers in Paris are developing a culture of sharing in rooftop gardens.

Videos produced by TAL in Brazil and QLM in France.

Bringing Life to Public Spaces

Two groups strive to reinvigorate public spaces amid blocky apartment structures and rigid urban development. An artist collective from Spain travels the globe to create murals that draw life back into dwindling public centers. In Medellin, Colombia, urban gardeners create green spaces that beautify the community and empower its citizens.

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