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Paul Stamets: Solutions from the Underground

Paul Stamets, the world's leading visionary "myco-technologist," shows how fungi and mushrooms can help restore ecosystems, degraded landscapes and human health – fast. Like people, habitats have immune systems, and our close evolutionary relationship to fungi provides the basis for novel environmental deployments of key mushroom species that can lead to greater sustainability and better health. This speech was given at the 2011 Bioneers National Conference.

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Demond Drummer: A Green New Deal

Demond Drummer is the co-founder and Executive Director of New Consensus, a leading-edge non-profit policy “think tank” working behind the scenes supplying research and detailed policy proposals for the Green New Deal to its leading political advocates, such as Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

Casey Camp-Horinek: Aligning Human Law with Natural Law

According to Casey Camp-Horinek, for as long as Mother Earth and Father Sky have blessed all life on Earth with sustenance, there has been a Sacred System honored by all species. Only humans have strayed wildly from these original instructions to live in harmony with all and to recognize our place in the Great Mystery. Now, she says, in this crucial moment, we must find our way back to Balance if we are to avoid the unraveling of the web of life.