Bodies in Motion

Tickle Me to Death

"Tickle Me to Death" depicts a cheerful woman's adventure as she invades a deserted town looking to have a good time. While exploring a magnified image of the reserved Nordic mindset, the film pays homage to vintage silent films. The cobblestoned streets and mournful string soundtrack create a melancholy mood that nevertheless finds space for playfulness. The main character looks at the world upside down, playing hide and seek alone on street corners, as she seeks to convince others of the joyous surprises life can have in store. On her way she meets the tight-mouthed auntie and the stuck-up gentleman, who respond unusually to the lady's advances.

The film was directed and choreographed by the Danish Maia Elisabeth Sørensen and performed by Maia Elisabeth Sørensen, Kasper Jensen, Nanna Schaumburg-Müller, and Batman (the cat).

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