Dance Offers Chance to 'Shift' Between Monotony and Passion

Directors Del Mak and Patrick Ryder give the viewer a peek into the life of a disgruntled office worker in their film "Shift." The dancer, Renako Mcdonald expresses his desire for liberation from the white collar world through his graceful dancing, which is emotive and communicative. Most importantly, the work is able to call into question a body and the different spaces it can occupy.

Read an interview with Ryder below:

To those unfamiliar with London, how would you describe the locations that you chose?

We tried to use locations that showed as many different aspect of London, so we have very green areas, as in parks, but also very urban and well-recognized locations like The Scoop and Tower Bridge.

Still from "Shift"

What did your collaboration look like?

It was a really beautiful piece. It was a strong combination of my cinematography and editing and Del Mak’s astonishing choreography and art direction of the piece. It showed that two people's visions can be combined beautifully into one piece of art.

If through dance you could escape some routine, to where would you escape? What would you be escaping?

I think for anyone looking for an escape it would be into something they truly love. For me that would be films and filmmaking, somewhere I could jump in with both feet into my absolute passion. For Del, I am sure it would be dance as it is something he is completely at one with.

How does film affect a dance?

I think the medium of film to represent dance in this instance was essential, as it allowed us to cleverly cut between locations and movements in a really fluid and controlled way. Being able to adapt the movements to fit to direction and situation.

Still from "Shift"

What’s next for you?

I am working on several new shorts covering drama, sci-fi and horror, and currently scripting a very exciting feature length film. Myself and Del are also working on a brand new dance project which is very exciting.

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