Martiality Not Fighting

SPARK: A Meeting of Geometry, Classical Dance, and EDM

Witness an encounter between classical dance and electronic music in which geometric and free flowing visual lines blend with classical and electronic music; forming a hypnotic rhythm of contrasting elements.

The performative spectacle effectively pushes and pulls into a glitchy yet seamless progression. The two dancers, Simone Schmidt and Althea Corlett, embody life's extremes: light and shade. Slow and fast. Hope and pain. Tradition and innovation. Aural and visual. Classical and electronica. A movement, a flow, a dynamic blend of dual aspects. As the two perform a synchronized mirror image dance, the result is a yin-yang tango.

This music video was produced for the song "Spark" by Ralf Hildenbeutel off of his album, "MOODS." Directed by Boris Seewald. 


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