Still from Yere Faga: A woman stands behind flames and smoke at night.

ÌFÉ - 3 Mujeres

ÌFÉ, captured in a live, one-take performance in ILÉ ÌFÉ, the studio and house of Otura Mun in Santurce, Puerto Rico. ÌFÉ is a bold new musical project from Puerto Rico-based African American drummer/producer/singer Mark Underwood, aka Otura Roso Mun.

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"Visions" features music videos from Spanish garage rockers The Parrots, Cuban jazz singer Daymé Arocena, L.A. singer Nite Jewel, New Zealand-based rapper Raiza Biza, Chilean techno artist Sanfuentes, and Japanese artist Chihei Hatakeyama.


"Synesthetics" features music videos from Japanese indie band Mitsume, German group Lali Puna, French artist Magic Island, Cuban rapper el tipo este, Congolese group Konono No. 1, Argentine singer Juana Molina, and US artist Visible Cloaks.

Until Later

"Until Later" features music videos from Mali’s Songhoy Blues, New Zealand artist Nadia Reid, Colombia's Meridian Brothers, Lebanese artist Yasmine Hamda, South Africa's DJ Lag, and Austrian group Radian.

Border Blaster

Border Blaster