Borgen is a Danish political drama by the producers of the acclaimed series The Killing. Winner of the 2012 International BAFTA Award, and hailed "the best political show ever" by Newsweek, Borgen masterfully portrays the fight for political power and the personal consequences for everyone involved.

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In Brussels No One Can Hear You Scream

Birgitte Nyborg must appoint a new EU commissioner and her old mentor, Bent Sejrø, is the obvious candidate. Seeing it as a ploy to get rid of him, Sejrø refuses Birgitte's offer, which leads to a power play with serious consequences. 

Meanwhile, Kasper prepares to move in with his girlfriend, Lotte, but is haunted by his history with Katrine. Katrine and Hanne have grown closer, united by daily battles with Michael Laugesen, their new boss at Ekspres.


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The Last Worker

Birgitte's government prepares to present a new reform package, which is being polished at a political seminar. But when party leader Bjørn Marrot comes under a personal media attack, Birgitte senses a rebellion brewing, and the seminar dissolves into chaos. 

Katrine covers the political seminar for Laugesen, but he has his own agenda.

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Battle Ready

After Bjørn Marrot's exit, Troels Höxenhaven steps in as the new party leader, jumping at the opportunity to exploit the turn of events. When pirates hijack a Danish ship off Somalia's coast, Höxenhaven diverts attention from Birgitte, who badly needs a success story. Her private life hangs in tatters and she makes a mistake that threatens her career.

Meanwhile, compromising photos of Höxenhaven turn up at the Ekspres. Laugesen wants to use them against Höxenhaven, but Katrine is skeptical.

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Plant A Tree

Birgitte Nyborg is about to negotiate the environmental element of the new reform package, but she must face the reality of parties unwilling to compromise. Kasper convinces her that underhanded tactics can help win her a majority for the reform. Meanwhile, Katrine receives an unusual job offer that tests her personal beliefs. And at home, Birgitte's children are clearly affected by their mother's stress; Laura in particular.

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