Both Worlds: Alice Khaw

Adrorate Mizero

Burundian-Kiwi Adorate Mizero is creating a series of videos to give refugee youth the opportunity to talk honestly about the support systems in place for them. But will she find participants who will openly voice their concerns?

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Flamboyant Designer Lenon Wakuwa Explores African Heritage

Flamboyant fashion design student Lenon Wakuwa has made a world for himself in small town New Zealand, but an assignment about identity forces him to confront how the African community views his unique and feminine style.

Wei Lun Ha

Talented Chinese brush artist Wei Lun Ha wants to turn his passion into a career, but his parents are not convinced being a professional artist is a credible profession. Things become more difficult as Wei begins to express his social convictions through his artwork.

  • 2018-02-23T18:30:00-08:00
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Lovie Daniels

Maori-Indian Lovie Daniel’s is on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding her Indian grandfather and learn about her unknown Indian heritage.

Saatchi Goldwater

Young Orthodox Jews are leaving New Zealand in droves but 24-year-old Saatchi Goldwater is determined to revitalize the community that she loves.

Shezan Aroos

Shezan Aroos hopes that completing the 30 days of fasting during this years Ramadan will help him deepen his connection to the faith that has been shaken by his relaxed Kiwi lifestyle.