Both Worlds: Soraiya Daud

Soraiya Daud

Soraiya Daud is a feminist Muslim running for Vice President of the Young Labour Party. But can a religious person operate in secular politics and is the Young Labour party as liberal as Soraiya thought it was, are they ready for an ethnic female VP?

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Jeremy Sim

Jeremy Sim desperately wants to find his own path in life but feels held back by an obligation to take over the family business, an Asian Supermarket. A passionate dancer, a new salsa challenge may be just what he needs to find the courage to confront his parents about his future hopes and dreams.

Megan Blackwell

Second-generation Kiwi-Chinese photographer Megan Blackwell has never been to China and doesn’t speak the language. She sets out to discover what it really means to be Chinese.

Thoraya Abdul-Rassol

19 year-old Muslim law student and soccer enthusiast Thoraya moves away from home for the first time and faces the challenge of meeting people in a new city and overcoming her fear of racial discrimination.

Gar Kee

When 1.5 generation Chinese Kiwi, Gar Kee, walks down the streets with her African boyfriend, Shaun, they regularly experience double takes. Given the opportunity to put on a radio show for the ethnic community, Gar Kee chooses to do a show on cross-cultural relationships and sets out to uncover what New Zealand really thinks about inter-racial couples.

Divya Hariharan

Go-getter Indian born Divya Hariharan is the newly appointed President of the P3 Foundation, a charity combating poverty. As she undertakes her first big challenge in the role, the pressure is on for Divya to prove that at just 22 she has what it takes to lead a nationwide not-for-profit organisation.

Alice Canton

Do I choose to be white or do I choose to be other? The child of a Chinese and Europe cross-cultural union, actor and playwright Alice Canton creates a work that challenges why our society forces people to choose one ethnic box.