Xi Yao Chen

Xi Yao Chen

In this episode, 30-year-old Xi Yao Chen travels back to his home country of China to seek the approval of his parents, highly accomplished traditional Chinese musicians, to pursue his passion for metal.


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Daniel Gamboa Salazar - New Episode

20-year-old Colombian refugee Daniel Salazar sets out to reconnect with the local Colombian community in Wellington that ostracised him by throwing a huge Colombian barbecue

Bevan Chuang

Bevan Chuang a 1.5 generation Hong Kong Chinese-Kiwi migrant, at 30, is looking for love. This episode explores the unique challenges of finding Mr. Right for a woman who straddles two cultural realities.



  • 2017-06-30T19:30:00-07:00
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Jignal Bhagvandas

21 year old medical student Jignal Bhagvandas is combining her passion for health and Indian dance to inspire her community to exercise, but her pre-diabetic Dad refuses to join the program.

Mohammed Al Jamal

Palestinian refugee Mohammed Al Jamal has flourished in New Zealand, but sees many others struggling to adapt and signs up to the Refugee Volunteer program to give back and try to make a difference.

Emily Mwila

Aspiring opera singer Emily Mwila cannot speak her father’s Zambian tongue and accepts the challenge to perform traditional tribal songs at a solo concert as a way of finding her Zambian voice

Logan Pithyou

Wellington based Assyrian actor, Logan Pithyou, keeps his two worlds very separate. But as busy as he is with his upcoming web series and with the church asking him to become more involved as a youth leader, Logan struggles to prioritize.