Khaju Bridge

"Bridge to Iran" is Link TV's unique series of documentary films and engaging conversations which carries viewers into the lives of Iranian citizens and into the heart and soul of Persian culture. "Bridge to Iran" presents memorable characters, confronted with a wide range of obstacles and opportunities as they navigate their lives through a changing social and political landscape. "Bridge to Iran" is a direct response to the cultural misunderstandings and political tensions that have developed between Iran and the U.S. since the Iranian revolution. The series fills a knowledge gap by providing Americans with informed, insider's views on modern Iranian society, through documentaries made by Iranian directors, living both inside Iran and within the Iranian diaspora. The series avoids simplistic categorizations and stereotypes about Iran to provide new insights and understandings of a nation, a people, and culture that most Americans know so little about.

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Image: Pol-e Khaju, Khaju Bridge on the River Zayandeh. DeAgostini/Getty Images

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