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In Broken Bread, entrepreneur, social activist and chef Roy Choi takes a journey through his hometown of Los Angeles to explore complex social justice issues including food deserts, food waste and sustainability. Challenging assumptions and the status quo, Choi meets inspiring individuals and organizations who use food as a platform for activism and a catalyst for change.

Melissa Chou preparing dessert. | The Migrant Kitchen
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The Migrant Kitchen

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Community members celebrate "Hood Day" eating turkey tacos at Locol. | Still from "Broken Bread"
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Broken Bread

E6: Watts

Roy takes a head-on look at efforts to heal the social and economic wounds of Watts, acknowledging one of the oldest communities in Los Angeles as a mirror into ourselves and our future.
Season 1 Episode 106
A mountain of food waste in a landfill. | Still from "Broken Bread"
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Broken Bread

E5: Waste

Roy journeys from L.A. to Orange County to discover how non-profit innovators are tackling the problem of food waste.
Season 1 Episode 105
Roy holds a cannabis bud. | Still from "Broken Bread"
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Broken Bread

E4: Cannabis

Roy explores the issues of equality and the emergence of a new culinary landscape since the advent of legalized recreational marijuana.
Season 1 Episode 104
Food from "Making the Best of It" Pop-up | Still from "Broken Bread" Future
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Broken Bread

E3: Future

Roy explores future culinary landscapes looking forward to a world affected by climate change.
Season 1 Episode 103
Vegan grocer Olympia Auset assembles a box of fresh produce for a client. | Still from "Broken Bread"
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Broken Bread

E2: Access

Roy meets the individuals bringing healthy and affordable food options into South L.A. communities that lack access to fresh food.
Season 1 Episode 102
Broken Bread - Transformation - Mar Diego - Primary
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Broken Bread

E1: Transformation

Roy explores the power of cooking to rehabilitate those on the margins of society and the organizations taking a chance on those who need it most.
Season 1 Episode 101
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