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Food: A Catalyst for Change

Just as food has the power nourish our bodies, kitchens have the power to restore our souls, according to Father Greg Boyle’s Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles and pizza shop Dough Girl in Van Nuys. Homeboy Industries focuses on training and employing formerly incarcerated people to prepare them for jobs in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Dough Girl focuses on helping youth before they get caught up in the prison industrial complex. As a formerly incarcerated individual herself, founder Mar Diego is driven by compassion and addressing the needs of young people who need work, food and help with substance abuse.

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Roy explores the power of cooking to rehabilitate those on the margins of society and the organizations taking a chance on those who need it most. He spends time with Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy and Homegirl Industries, the pioneer of socially minded food enterprises focused on transitioning former gang members from lives on the street to lives in kitchens. Roy also visits Mar Diego, a food entrepreneur who has opened Dough Girl, a pizza shop in the San Fernando Valley employing local kids struggling with drug use and homelessness. Additionally, the episode features L.A.

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