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Built to Last?

Built to Last?

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All around the world disasters are on the increase. In the last 10 years droughts, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions and fires have killed over a million people, affected 2 billion and caused almost $1.5 trillion in damage. When a disaster strikes, our homes are on the front line. This documentary will examine why our homes are so vulnerable and reveal some surprising regulations sanctioned by governments that put homes at risk. In America there are no federal standards for building codes designed to make our properties safer. In fact some states have no building codes at all. In the U.K. despite the increased incidence of flooding, the government allows development on flood plains.

Filmed in the U.S., U.K. and the Philippines, the documentary tells the stories of lucky disaster survivors and the extraordinary people working to make our homes safe. Houston resident Audrey Davis’s home was severely damaged in the devastating floods of 2017 which claimed around 100 lives in the city.  Like her neighbors, she was unaware she lived on a flood plain. But in August 2017 when 17 inches of rain fell in just one day, rather than let Lake Houston burst its banks, the authorities took the decision to open the flood gates so that water ran off into poor, predominantly black neighborhoods of the city. Audrey, whose home was hit in the deluge has had to rely on federal emergency aid and the goodwill of an international charity that is rebuilding her home. Having worked all her life and paid her taxes, she regrets that she never took out flood insurance.

Oklahoma mother of two Sheridan Broderick is also not taking any more chances after a tornado destroyed her home. Her new house contains an underground storm shelter.

But according the Julie Rochman CEO of the Carolina-based Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, the majority of American homes are “pretty brittle” and not resilient. Consumers are more concerned about crown moulding and granite counter tops than hurricane clips that can prevent a roof being blown off.

Shocking, eye opening and inspirational, this film will change the way you view your home.

Learn more a Built2Last.org.

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