Carbon Crooks
Carbon Crooks

Carbon Crooks

At the very end of 2012, the second part of the Kyoto Protocol expired. All the countries that ratified the protocol have guaranteed that they will cut down on their carbon emissions and curb greenhouse gasses.

The question is: How? One of the solutions has been to buy and sell carbon credits. If a rich country in the developed world has problems reaching the goal set by the Kyoto Protocol, they can buy carbon credits in poor countries. Sound a bit like hocus-pocus?

Bangladesh, Denmark, and numerous other countries have signed contracts to buy some 600-700,000 carbon credits from new brick factories that, despite being called "smokeless" by the UN, expose workers to extremely hazardous fly-ash. In Kenya some 900,000 water purification filters were distributed for free. The idea was to reduce the use of firewood and thereby save carbon emissions. But what do you do when you want to make a profit and only a quarter of the local population actually uses firewood to boil their water? It all looks good in the official documents, but how does reality look when an investigative film crew turns up on the scene?

On top of that, the carbon trading industry has been exposed to massive theft and fraud. According to Europol the fraud exceeds more than 5 billion euros. And Denmark was one of the centers for the massive fraud.

Back in the EU-Commission, each and every of the 10 billion electronic carbon credits are registered. Each carbon credit has a unique serial number and the EU-Commission should therefore be able to track the previously stolen credits. But Mrs. Connie Hedegaard, the EU-Commissioner for the Climate, refuses to reveal where the stolen credits are.

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