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Is Housing a Human Right?

There's a growing housing disparity across the United States. Corporations and wealthy individuals are consolidating more property as the path to homeownership becomes more elusive. In California alone, there's a housing shortage of 1.5 million units, and renters account for over half of the market. With greater demand and rising rents, homelessness is also increasing. Legislators and developers are critical to how we address this issue, as are landlords and tenants, but our actions are framed by our thinking about housing. 


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City Rising: Youth & Democracy

“City Rising: Youth & Democracy” follows the stories of youth leaders, allies and organizations as they challenge institutional and systemic issues through civic engagement. This third season of the “City Rising” series will demystify the role and work of youth organizations in California, demonstrating how young people are organizing their communities to participate in public policy and make lasting change in pursuit of a more just and equitable future for themselves and the world they live in.