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Dayton Police Dragged Paraplegic Man from His Car in 'Unlawful' Arrest, Says NAACP

This clip is from the Oct. 12, 2021 broadcast.

Clifford Owensby says Dayton police violently arrested him last month even though he is paraplegic and repeatedly told them he could not use his legs to get out of the car during a traffic stop. New police bodycam video shows the officers dragging Owensby out of his car and yanking him by his hair as he shouted for help. Owensby had his three-year-old child in the car at the time of arrest. He has now filed a complaint with Dayton's branch of the NAACP.

"The officers should be placed at least on administrative leave," says Derrick Foward, president of the Dayton Unit NAACP. Foward says that Owensby is expected to bring a case against Dayton police once all the evidence is collected, and he attributes the quick release of the bodycam video to recent police reforms advocated for in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

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