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Half a Million Puerto Ricans Flood San Juan Demanding Governor's Resignation

An estimated half a million Puerto Ricans took to the streets of San Juan Monday to demand the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló. It was the largest demonstration yet since the massive leak of nearly 900 text messages—many of them graphic and offensive—between Rosselló and some of his closest advisers broke 11 days ago. Protesters blocked a major Puerto Rican highway for hours, chanting “Ricky renuncia!”—”Ricky resign!”—banging on drums and waving Puerto Rican flags. Several businesses and banks closed in solidarity with the national mobilization, with many taking the day off work to attend the protest. At around 11 p.m., police began firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who gathered outside the governor’s mansion. The protest came a day after Governor Rosselló addressed the Puerto Rican people via Facebook Live, announcing he would not seek re-election next year and that he would step down from his leadership role as head of the ruling New Progressive Party. Democracy Now! correspondent Juan Carlos Dávila was in the streets of San Juan.

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