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'Missing White Woman Syndrome:' Media Obsess Over Some Cases as Black, Brown, Indigenous Women Ignored

Wall-to-wall coverage of the case of Gabby Petito — a 22-year-old white woman and blogger who went missing while traveling with her fiancé Brian Laundrie and whose remains were found in a national park in Wyoming — has renewed attention on what some call "missing white woman syndrome," the media’s inordinate focus on white female victims and the disparity in coverage for women of color.

"Democracy Now!" hosts a roundtable discussion with Amara Cofer, host and executive producer of the podcast "Black Girl Gone;" Mary Kathryn Nagle, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and lawyer focused on tribal sovereignty; and Melissa Jeltsen, a freelance reporter who covers violence against women. "There is an underrepresentation of Black women, of women of color in these stories," says Cofer.

This clip is from the Sept. 30, 2021 broadcast.

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