Nevada Wilderness (Courtesy of KCET)

Inside Illicit Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade

The criminal syndicates that run guns, drugs, and traffick humans are now behind illicit trade in ivory and rhino horn. The rampant slaughter of African elephants and rhinos is enriching criminal syndicates while both species are on the verge of extinction. Elephants are killed for ivory, and Rhinos are hunted for their horn, which is thought to be an aphrodisiac.

This video looks at the state of illicit wildlife trade and how it funds transnational criminals and insurgents, featuring Professor Louise Shelley, author of "Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime and Terrorism." Professor Shelley is the Founder and Director of the Terrorism, Transnational Crime, and Corruption Center at George Mason University.



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The Price of Gold in Peru

When Peru’s President Martín Vizcarra came to power in 2018, one of his first priorities was to gain control over the devastating outbreak of illegal gold mining operations. In February 2019, the government launched Operation Mercury, a decisive action to shut down an entire town built around an illegal gold mine.

The Youth Climate Movement Around the World

In 2019, 16 children from across the world including Greta Thunberg filed a historical, global lawsuit petitioning the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child to hold five of the world’s leading economic powers accountable for inaction on the climate crisis. All 16 young people are alarmed by the changes they see in their homelands.

Fueling Change: Oil Extraction in Alaska and California

The global demand for oil and gas has long-lasting impacts on the communities that supply it. In Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, powerful native communities are at odds over an oil exploration and drilling plan that will boost their economy but have long-term consequences on native species and their environment. In California’s Kern County, the mayors of two neighboring towns face off on the economic benefits and health risks of oil production and their vastly different visions for the most sustainable path to the future.