Mendenhall Glacier

Earth Trek from China to Alaska

Actor Tate Donovan joins John Stevens in China, where they practice Tai Chi in the park, dine on fresh scorpion and study the magnificent Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors. In Alaska, Joni Ravenna treks Mendenhall Glacier and John Stevens visits the Aleutian Islands, where fishing for salmon and halibut offers a study in ecology.


Image: Mendenhall Glacier. Joseph / Flickr / Creative Commons License.

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Earth Trek Through Malaysia

With an estimated 8,000 species of flowering plants, including 2,500 species of trees, Malaysia is a botanist's paradise. Join John Stevens for a trek through Malaysia's incredible tropical rain forests and visit the highest, longest canape bridge in the world.

India - In Search of the Rishi

Joni Ravenna treks through India by elephant, camel and foot, in search of the sacred Rishi (Hindu sage). Guest Deepak Chopra illustrates the goals of enlightenment according to the ancient Indian Scriptures and sheds light on why "A Rishi sees not through the eyes of the flesh but through the eyes of the soul."

Earth Trek Through Thailand

This episode of "Earth Trek" features an exciting elephant trek through the rainforests of Thailand. Viewers also experience scuba diving in Phuket and explore the ancient city of Ayutthea in search of what lies hidden beneath the ruins.


Top image: Arend / Flickr / Creative Commons License

Sabah, Land Below The Wind

Joni Ravenna climbs the highest peak in all of Asia, Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah on the Island of Borneo. Here there are more ecological treasures per square foot than anywhere else in the world, including the world's largest flower and the largest orangutan sanctuary.