Garnet, Montana

Earth Trek Through Montana

"Earth Trek" recreates the path of Lewis and Clark along the Missouri River, and digs up dinosaur fossils with famed paleontologist Jack Horner. A trek through Montana's wilderness is also part of the journey in search of yesterday's booming communities that are today's ghost towns.


Top image: A young nation expanded into the Montana territory in the mid-1860s. Settlements grew overnight around mining claims. The town of Garnet was born in 1895, and within several years, hundreds of people called it home. Bob Wick-U.S. Bureau of Land Management/Flickr/Some Rights Reserved

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Earth Trek from Turkey to Jordan

River rafting, wreck diving and oil wrestling are just some of the adventures in store for viewers who join actor Sean Astin in Turkey. While in Turkey, witness the mystical dance of the Whirling Dervishes and trek through the Antalya ruins of Perge, dated back to 800 B.C.


Top image: Two oil wrestlers in Turkey's Kirkpinar Festival. iStock/yavuzsariyildiz

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Earth Trek Through Arizona

Get a thrilling bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon by high speed jet. Experience some "Jeep thrills" through the cactus filled landscape and take an up close look at the desert wildlife, tarantulas and rattle snakes. And, learn to fly, fuel free, on a sail plane with Joni Ravenna.


Top image: Monument valley, Arizona. Moyan Brenn / Flickr / Creative Commons License

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