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Food for Thought

A look at the state of global food security amid rising concerns about the world population and climate change.

In New Haven, Connecticut, a community of scientists, fishermen and foodies are redefining their relationship with the sea using 3D ocean farming. In Africa, farmer-managed natural regeneration is restoring farmland to improve food security. In Holland, scientists are racing to future proof our planet against our love of meat.

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Forest-Friendly Fires

A stove which requires half the charcoal of traditional cookers is slowing deforestation in Uganda.

Eco Burials & Protecting The Great Barrier Reef

A look at 'green goodbyes' in Massachusetts; reef killers in Australia; and fixing the ozone layer.

Survival: Driving Change

China and the United States are the world’s two biggest CO2 emitters, but what approach are these countries’ governments taking in the fight against climate change?

Shelter: Building Better Cities

earthrise explores ways of helping the world's expanding cities grow sustainably.