edge of eighteen episode six
Edge of Eighteen: Part 5 (of 6)

Episode 5

A gay student hopes to take a boy to the prom; a young filmmaker contemplates skipping college; and an undocumented student's legal status prevents her from qualifying for financial aid.

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Episode 1

The lives of 15 high-school seniors are chronicled in this documentary series. The premiere puts the focus on a student deciding whether to become a missionary or attend college; and a dancer struggling with body image. The students include:

Episode 2

A young Texas dancer worries following an audition for her dream school; a pregnant youth refuses to put her college plans on hold; and a student in Chicago copes with the bad influences of his neighborhood.

  • 2017-12-28T20:00:00-08:00
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Episode 3

A student's downward spiral could derail his college dreams. Elsewhere, a teen yearns to leave his small town, and a young woman struggles with depression and bullying.

  • 2018-01-04T20:00:00-08:00
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Episode 4

A high-school senior grows concerned that he won't be able to escape his rural town. Meanwhile, undocumented status could jeopardize a top student's college dreams, and a young man opts to be homeschooled in order to pursue a music career.

  • 2018-01-11T20:00:00-08:00
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