edge of eighteen episode six
Edge of Eighteen: Part 1 (of 6)

Episode 1

The lives of 15 high-school seniors are chronicled in this documentary series. The premiere puts the focus on a student deciding whether to become a missionary or attend college; and a dancer struggling with body image. The students include:

Brandon McCauley of Lebanon, Ohio, runs a lunchtime bible study program where he actively recruits students to participate. Though he's already been accepted into the prestigious University of Cincinnati program for Architecture, his true dream is to work as a missionary, but he's waiting for a message from God to find out if this is God's plan for him.

Angela Lee, a talented young dancer and brilliant student, is already dancing at a pre-professional level in Lubbock Texas. Still affected with past body image issues, she dreams of getting into a competitive college dance program and then moving on to a career as a professional dancer. Though she is an exceptional student in an International Baccalaureate program at a top high school, some soul-searching led her to the decision that pursuing dance over a more academic career was her true passion.

Hanoy Urtarte thrives as a popular and successful student at his public high school in Paterson, New Jersey. At home however, things have been difficult since he came out three years ago to his conservative, Dominican father who still has trouble fully accepting that Hanoy is gay. He dreams of going to college in San Francisco and leading an openly gay life, but he doesn’t count on that fact that his father thinks he should stay in New Jersey for school. 

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