Feeding Africa's Children

Two nations, Mali and Kenya, racked by war and poverty, are weaning themselves off foreign food aid and feeding their school children using locally grown food, providing a living to local farmers. Every country in the world feeds its schoolchildren. Many of the poorest countries in the world rely on western donors to provide their food for school children. But some of the very poorest countries are turning the whole thing on its head. As some of the world's intense wars, terrorist attacks, even famines carry on about them - these two desperately poor African nations are feeding their own school children, using food grown locally, by local farmers. It not only feeds children, but it provides a successful way of life for small farmers who can't compete with free food from oversees. Feeding Africa's Children is the story of how low income countries have taken control of feeding their school children. How children who eat enough, learn better. And, how improved learning reduces poverty. Beautifully filmed in Kenya's western lake regions and Mali's war-torn north, Feeding Africa's Children also features never before seen footage of the remote city of Timbuktu - proving that home-grown school feeding can work anywhere. It's possible to put the world's poorest nations in control of their children - and their future.

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