An Interview With the 2018 People's Choice Winners

For 19 years, KCET has had the honor of spotlighting emerging and student filmmakers through the Fine Cut Festival of Films. We assemble and esteemed and diverse panel of judges, and through the generosity of our sponsors and funders, we're able to award these filmmakers with incredible prizes to help them continue on their path as filmmakers.

This year, through online voting, we reached out to the people to decide on their favorite short film. There were dramas and comedies, beautiful animations, and documentaries. 

The prize package for the People's Choice winner includes over $20,000 in gift certificates toward the winner's next production, generously provided by Keslow Camera, Quixote, Drone Dudes, Entertainment Partners, Chapman-Leonard and J.L. Fisher. 

We're excited to announce this year's winners, Nicholas Moyer and Nate Norell. Their documentary, "Kip" is a loving look at a young man who, in the face of numerous physical disabilities and setbacks, is driven by his love of constant artistic growth.

We reached out to them to ask a few questions about the documentary and their plans for the future.

Why did you go into film?

We got into film with the artistic desire to create something that's "bigger than ourselves," aiming to tell stories for people to feel and connect with.

Why Kip?

Kip was a friend of ours that we met in college. We had a documentary class our Junior year and thought that his story would be a powerful one to tell. Therefore, we made a documentary film of Kip Henderson.

What's next?

We are constantly thinking and forming creative ideas for commercials, music videos, and documentaries we are passionate about. We've started a production company called Virgin Islands Films, in hopes to use commercial revenue to fund these meaningful passion projects. We hope to continue to tell impactful stories like Kip's.

Will you be sticking to Documentary?

As filmmakers we enjoy pursuing all avenues of film, but we believe documentary to be one of the most powerful. So we will definitely be making more documentaries.

How does it feel to win?

Wait, we won? htggvbryqatf54ws6hjeu8htsws5tghrs6 AHHHHHHH yeeeeesss wooohooooo!!!

We are incredibly honored to have won and want to thank God and all those who voted for KIP the documentary. We want to thank Kip for trusting us with his story and being vulnerable enough to share it with the world.

Blessings and Thank you,

Nicholas Moyer & Nate Norell

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