Stills from various short films in the 2018 season of Fine Cut

Do Without

The 18th annual Fine Cut Festival of Films is a collection of short films from student and emerging filmmakers. In this episode, "The Bug" from the U.S. (Comedy), "I am Aliya" from Slovenia (Drama), "Out of the Village" from the United States (Drama), "#SalveRegina" from Hungary (Experimental), and "For Dad" from the United States (Drama). 


"The Bug"

A young woman comes to terms with her condition

"I am Aliya"

The story takes us into the mind of a refugee that is dealing with problems that erupted during the 5 year war in syria. In her manifestation, she explains her thoughts and views about the world that she is seeing it through her eyes.

"Out of the Village"

A brother and his sister seek closure after Ebola ravages their West African village.


The film is trying to show the new virtual world and its effection on our society, especially to the youngest generation. They are want to fit in this new world. All rebellius intention gets crushed by the others, and are forced to assimilate.

"For Dad"

A teenage girl keeps her comatose father up to date on her struggles to deal with his absence, high school and growing up through a series of brief recordings.

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