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The Unknown

The 18th annual Fine Cut Festival of Films is a collection of short films from student and emerging filmmakers. In this episode, "The Outcast" from the U.S. (Drama), "Scraps" from New Zealand (Animation), "Champagne" from the U.S. (Drama), "Bobo" from Pakistan (Suspense), and "The Autumn of Zao" from France (Fantasy).

"The Outcast"

After escaping a war-torn country, a young woman is left alone when her husband is denied entry to the United States. All alone and with little money, she searches for a way for him to enter the country before being deported back. Surrounded by an alien culture, she must learn to quickly adapt to a foreign country as she experiences what it’s really like to be an outcast.


A starving rat who lives in a scrapyard builds a rocket ship that he hopes will fly him to the moon, which he thinks is made out of cheese. 


In 1944, Champagne, France two American soldiers survive an accident and are left stranded in the country side with a German prisoner and argue over the fate of his life.


A single mother wakes up late and struggles to get Rija, her wayward daughter, ready for school. As they go through their daily routine, Mama becomes increasingly frustrated as her daughter blames her imaginary friend Bobo for a series of mishaps. By the end, Mama discovers that the truth about Bobo is more disturbing than she thought. Set in Karachi, Pakistan.

"The Autumn of Zao"

Zao is a little boy with an incurable disease, in a house beside a lake. A little girl, Cloe, leads through the forest and tells him the legend of the lake monster. Beyond the pain, death and time, The Autumn of ZAO is a hymn to dream, life and childhood.

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Fine Cut

Episode 8: 'Do Without'

In this episode, "The Bug" from the U.S. (Comedy), "I am Aliya" from Slovenia (Drama), "Out of the Village" from the United States (Drama), "#SalveRegina" from Hungary (Experimental), and "For Dad" from the United States (Drama).
Episode 1708
Fine Cut

Episode 7: 'Can't Talk About It'

In this episode, "Tales of a Shadow" from Belgium (Documentary), "Domestic Policy" from Canada (Historical), "From The Depths" from Mexico (Experimental), "Rebecka, Portrait of a Mother" from Sweden (Drama).
Episode 1707
Fine Cut

Episode 6: 'Fantasy and Liberation'

In this episode, "Hum" from the U.S. (Animation), "Midnight" from Spain (Drama), "The Machinator" from Argentina (Animation), "The Burning" from the U.K. (Fantasy), and "Jacob" from Israel (Animation).
Episode 1706
Fine Cut

Episode 5: 'Serendipity'

In this episode, "Pumpkin" from the U.S. (Drama), "Dream Vending Machine" from Tawain (Animation), "Springtime" from Budapest (Romantic Comedy), and "IDIOT" from the Netherlands (Comedy). "Pumpkin"
Episode 1705
Fine Cut

Episode 4: 'Can I Trust You?'

In this episode, "The Stone" from Portugal (Drama), "Aufseherin" from the Netherlands (Animation Documentary, "The Helper" from France (Fantasy), "Riven" (Suspense), and "The Arctic Circus" from Canada (Documentary).
Episode 1704
Fine Cut

Episode 3: 'Challenges'

In this episode, "The Melody of Unexpected Encounters" from the Russian Federation (Romantic Comedy), "Score" from Belgium (Drama), "HELL YOU TALMBOUT" from the U.S. (Experimental), and "Hide and Seek" from France (Suspense).
Episode 1703
fince cut starting over
Fine Cut

Episode 2: 'Starting Over'

In this episode, "Respectfully, Tony" from the U.S. (Documentary), "Waiting in the Wings" from the U.S. (Comedy), "What if" from France (War), "Dad" from the U.S. (Drama), and "Kaska" from Germany (Animation/Expermental).
Episode 1702
Fine Cut

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