A mother and child watch a plant grow in their window pot | Still from "Sprout" Fine Cut S21

Sprout (Preview)

When a young girl finds a flower growing in her apartment complex, her world is changed forever. Her dull, lonely life blossoms and she and the flower grow together.  “Sprout” is an animated film from USC, directed by Georgina Cahill.

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A freelance taxi driver can't stand big taxi company 5-Star snatching customers so he forms a protest in “A-Tien,” a comedy from New York Film Academy. Then, an orphanage is invaded by a shadowy creature in “Milk Teeth,” a horror-fantasy from USC. Also included is Cal State Long Beach documentary “Faith Alone” and USC’s animated film “Low-Key.”

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Different Path

A woman travels back to India upon her mother’s sudden death while navigating her family in “Unmothered” from USC. The American Pavilion film “Black Hat” uncovering the double life of a pious Hasidic man on a night out in L.A. “Nothing Down About It” is a documentary from Loyola Marymount University followed by “The Kitchlets” and “Melted”, two animated films from Cal Arts.