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The Machinator

It is a love story of John, a young inventor of tin robots, and Anna, a beautiful girl selling paper cranes in place of Arthur, his father. Arthur oppose the relationship and try to prevent it. John achieve overcome all obstacles and get to his love. Filmmaker: Pablo Latorre

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Starting Over

The 18th annual Fine Cut Festival of Films is a collection of short films from student and emerging filmmakers. In this episode, "Respectfully, Tony" from the U.S. (Documentary), "Waiting in the Wings" from the U.S. (Comedy), "What if" from France (War), "Dad" from the U.S. (Drama), and "Kaska" from Germany (Animation/Expermental).


"Respectfully, Tony"

A convicted murderer re-enters society after spending 12 years on death row and 39 years in prison.

"Waiting in the Wings"

  • 2017-06-26T06:00:00-07:00
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There is beauty in perseverance.

Can I Trust You?

Sometimes, it pays to talk to strangers. Sometimes it doesn't.

Fine Cut

Luck, fate or divine intervention; every so often, the stars align.

Fantasy and Liberation

Our daydreams foster fantasy. Our nightmares forge liberation.