Voting for the People’s Choice Award for Fine Cut FAQs

How much time do I have to vote for a short film?
Voting opens on short films for a period of seven days following their broadcast premiere. After that time, the short films will still be available to watch online, but voting will be disabled and the short films from the latest broadcast will be available for voting.

If I missed the chance to vote on my favorite film, will I have another opportunity?
Yes. Once all short films have had their seven-day voting period, we will enable voting on all short films for another period of one day. If you are a filmmaker, this is an excellent time to re-promote your film. 

How do I know how many votes a film has?
Out of sensitivity to all filmmakers, we do not display this information. During the final day of voting, we will let the filmmakers know their standing via email.

How many times can I vote for my favorite short film?
During the voting week for your short film, you may only vote on that film once. You may vote one more time during the final day of voting between 5 pm November 7th to 5 pm November 8th.

My screen is displaying a "Thank You For Voting" message, but I haven't voted. What's going on?
In order to discourage the use of bots and other cheating methods, we had to tie votes to your IP address. If you're seeing that message but you haven't voted, that means someone else at your IP address has already voted.

What is the prize for the People’s Choice Award?
Over $20,000 in gift certificates toward their next production from Keslow Camera, Quixote, Drone Dudes, Entertainment Partners, Chapman-Leonard and J.L. Fisher.

When will the winner be announced?
November 9, 2018

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