'Follow the Money' Season 1 Episode Recap

In the first season of the Danish series “Follow the Money,” viewers dive into an unexpected world of white collar crime in the green energy industry. Scroll through our episode guide below to catch up on any episodes you might have missed (and stream some of the final season 1 episodes while they’re still available for free).


Follow the Money: S1 E1 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 1
When a body is found near an off-shore wind farm it leads the detective assigned to investigate the death into conflict with the executives of the energy company that own the facility.


Follow the Money: S1 E2 (Trailer)
Follow the Money: S1 E2 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 2
Claudia is assigned to a case that could damage the reputation of Energreen. Meanwhile, Mads continues to gather the facts relating to the death at the wind farm.


Follow the Money: S1 E3 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 3
In Abu Dhabi, Energreen tries to impress Al-Wasem to gain support on their energy transport project, even though the patent inventor is wary of the project. Mads and Alf are gaining on the Energreen case now that two of their employees have just been fired, partly responsible for the inside tracking at the company.

Follow the Money: S1 E4 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 4
Nicky and Bimse get into a tough spot with some Serbians, but Nicky's father-in-law decides to help them. Claudia takes on the task of firing workers of one of Energreen's subsidiaries. Mads now joins the fraud squad for the time being, with him and Alf gaining information on Energreen's CFO. Mads also discovers that his wife has been seeing someone else.

Follow the Money: S1 E5 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 5
Journalist Mia Hrmansen, who happens to be Alf's ex-girlfriend, has been digging up dirt on Energreen for sometime and is almost ready to release information on their shady practices. Mads moves out and stays with Alf for the time being. Nicky's father-in-law Jan introduces him and Bimse to “accountant” Erik, who proposes laundering the cash through a “front” workshop.

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Follow the Money S1 E6 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 6
Energreen is struggling to find new investors due to the article written by Mia, who was hit by a car and put in the hospital. Claudia almost destroys Energreen's chances at gaining investors, but is able to convince her lover Tobias to tell his firm to invest. Alf and Mads return home after discovering Energreen's Poland lab was dismantled and its research moved to India. Nicky seeks a buyer for the notebook he “found” with the cash through Erik, expecting another fortune, but they are shot at.

Follow the Money: S1 E7 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 7
Nicky and Bimse have a hard time dealing with wounded "accountant" Erik, forced to take some of Jan's money to pay for a doctor, which ultimately ends in a brutal confrontation. Energreen's stock exchange launch is an instant hit. The justice ministry blackmails the police over budget cuts to push the Energreen case, so Mads and Alf must push whistleblower Jens Kristian to take crazy risks to prove Sander's part, incriminating Claudia simultaneously.

Follow the Money: S1 E8 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 8
Jens Kristian and Claudia set a trap to make Sander the CEO sign a new dummy corporation contract, but he only pretends to. Sander's henchman calls in his favor on Nicky and Bimse for saving them, so they agree to plant a document in Jens Kristian's apartment. The whistleblower is now fired and expelled from the firm by Claudia, who has chosen Sander's side, trying to avoid jail, getting her more entrenched in Energreen's wrongdoings.

Follow the Money: S1 E9 (Trailer)
Follow the Money: S1 E9 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 9
With Mia dead and Jens discredited, Alf considers the case hopeless, but Mads insists to work out the real accounts, which show that Energreen is virtually broke. Mads sneakily gets a major creditor — a bank he tips off illegally — to file a claim leading to bankruptcy with Claudia's counter-bluff failing. Sander's Swedish hitman finds out that Nicky and Bimse sold the computer for two million Euro and demands the cash, leading to Bimse knocking him out.

Follow the Money: S1 E10 (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 10
Thanks to the bank Mads manipulated, Energreen is declared bankrupt. CFO Ulrik commits suicide, and Sander arranges a flight to flee the country with Claudia, but she can't leave Bertram and ends up going to jail. Sander's hitman P reaches a deal with Nicky and Bimse about the remaining cash, and Alf finds out that Sander might not have been the one pulling the strings at Energreen.

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